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Digital Media Sync is a dynamic weekly discussion between expert practitioners, established  business owners, and growing entrepreneurs. In this program, we navigate through the ever-changing tools and practices of online communications.

Topics and discussions are crowdsourced in this knowledge sharing venture.

Digital Tools and Practices are constantly changing, and our mission is to help business and non-profits thrive in the midst of these changes, with a strong core communications foundation.

How to host a successful virtual live event on digital media sync with giulia gouge

How to Host a Successful Virtual Event

Implementing a Marketing Mindset

Manifesting a Marketing Mindset with Randye Spina

Manifesting a Marketing Mindset

Kris Tonski of Fusion Design

Top Tips to Optimize Your Website For Google

In this episode, web expert Kris Tonski, owner of Fusion Design goes through the several techniques and actions she uses to optimize the websites she creates and manages to be found on Google searches. Kris has been designing websites since the early 2000s and she has enough years under her belt to see what works and…

5 Ways to Use Live Video

Digital Media Sync Use Google Analytics to Increase Online Sales

5 Reasons Why Business Leaders Need to Use Live Videos During COVID19:

Digital Media Sync Use Google Analytics to Increase Online Sales

Use Google Analytics to Boost Online Sales

Digital Media Sync reviewing Google Data Studio

Digital Media Sync – Google Data Studio